They say people always leave. People always roam around and explore new places. But what do you do if you happen to be in London? Will you still leave it? Even with its spectacular views and sceneries? If you live in London, it’s no wonder you would still want to leave. Maybe to live in another country or try new cuisine or learn a new language and lifestyle. Whatever the reason is, try to do these before you leave London.

  1. Have a sweet goodbye at The View from The Shard.
  • London is a place you wouldn’t want to forget. So make sure to have an overlooking view of the city through the view from The Shard. Being the tallest building in Western Europe, the majestic lights and beautiful view of people enjoying the city can be seen here.
  1. Watch a play.
  • You should never miss this since London is a place rich in culture and history. London is the best place to see a play because of its talented actors and actresses. Aside from the people, London also offers extraordinary play venue as it comes with high end facilities and equipment.
  1. Witness the Notting Hill Festival.
  • This festival is Europe’s biggest street party and a lot of families gather to celebrate the holiday. The streets of London glow with beautiful colors as the carnival takes place every year and beautiful music are also heard from street speakers.
  1. Visit a museum.
  • Every place has its own history and so London. When you decide to leave London, make sure you already heard some London stories and beliefs. The way to do this is to visit a museum and learn the different cultures that take place in this beautiful city. One museum suggestion is the Imperial War Museum wherein you can hear real voices of war.
  1. Do not forget to have travel vaccinations before moving on to another country.
  • Wellness comes before everything else, that’s for sure! So don’t ever come to a place unprepared. This is the worst thing that you can do to yourself. While traveling is one of the most exciting things you can ever do in your entire life, it is also one of the most dangerous. You meet a lot of new people, eat different food, breathe a different atmosphere. Ensure that you visit a travel vaccination clinic in Londonto check all vaccinations are up to date upon moving on to your next location. Always remember, “Health is wealth”.

In addition, make sure you have enjoyed London well before leaving it. It may help that you have someone with you to tour around, experience things and feel the breeze of London air. After all, it’s a city full of love. You might want to take a post card with you before you leave as well. Always remember to have something that will remind you of each place that you visit. In that way, you get to tell a story about it and share something good about it to other people.