During the holiday seasons the Top property dealers in Noida and in some other urban parts of the nation, the professionals make use of the exciting holiday contest ideas for flourishing their real estate business. You can carry out the holiday themed contests on your real estate Facebook page and engage even more customers and expand your business easily.

What are the advantages of running holiday contests?

If you are a property dealer in Noida or any part of the country, executing the holiday themed contests on your Facebook or any other social media pages can render the following benefits.

  • Increased awareness creation about your real estate business.
  • Heavy inflow of traffic to your page.
  • Your real estate listing can be viewed easily and can be referred to others as well.
  • More and more people can attend your open house events.
  • Customers will be enticed to call you and fix up meetings.

List of 10 exciting holiday based contest ideas for real estate

1. Sweepstakes

This is one of the simplest contests that you can execute on Facebook. All you need to do is create a form so that the clients can fill it with their e-mail ids and join the contest. Plan out for one major prize and several other small prizes for the winners.

2. Photo Contest

Carrying out a photo contest is a very good idea. Make sure that the entries are in consistent with the theme you put on and include specifications like file format, minimum and maximum size, resolution etc for the photo entries.

3. Polling contest

How about creating a voting contest? The participants will have the option of voting 2 to 3 choices or even more. Once the contest gets over you must check for the one option that gets the maximum number of votes and thereby choose the winner.

4. Essay competition

Creating an essay competition based on holiday themes can entice people to participate and know about your real estate business from the Facebook page.

5. Coupons

Distributing electronic coupons are best for the mobile users. It can attract more and more people towards your real estate page on the social media platform.

6. Group coupons

How about hosting a competition or a challenge for the contestants based on group coupons? Free gadgets, high discounts are major attractions.

7. Promoting business by friends

Why don’t you attract people to promote and advertise your business? Offer exciting prizes for those who can refer about your business to others.

8. Caption contest

This is a very fun and thrilling contest that can be hosted in Facebook. Post pictures related to your holiday and vacation and ask the contestants to write the captions. Such ideas can bring in the attention of more people.

9. Music caroling

Don’t you think putting up your holiday memories on audio with different tunes and music on the background can be an amazing holiday contest idea for your real estate page?

10. Video recording

Similar to the audio recording contest can be set up with video recordings as well.


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