Let’s face it; square and circular hotel pools are old-hat, and certainly won’t make your holiday one to remember. Instead, why not spice things up a bit and visit some of the world’s most amazing hotel pools? Whether you’re an adventure type or just want to escape the random daily routine, these top 5 pools will rev you up in no time.

The Red Pool at The Library in Thailand

The Library Hotel in Koh Samui, Thailand speaks for itself. Made from yellow, orange and deep red tiles, the pool is a signature piece of the resort. The blood red colour offers the illusion of swimming in deep waters through a perfectly calculated design. The hotel is located near the beach of Chaweng and you can watch the waves crash onto the shore while enjoying a luxurious dip in the warm waters of the pool. The uniquely crafted work of art entices and tempts any wild spirit to enjoy a peaceful but mind-dazzling experience.

The Gold Energy Pool at St. Regis Resort in Tibet

Gold? Energy? Yes, it’s the beautifully crafted pool offered by St Regis Resort in Lhasa, Tibet. The gold-tiles shine of luxury and will make you feel as relaxed as ever. The combination of the salted-warm water with the glitter of pure gold creates a marvelous atmosphere to help you reach a Zen-like state of mind. After you’ve enjoyed a nice and soothing swim you can continue to relax by booking a foot massage in the resting area. If you feel a bit hungry you can help yourself with the catering available close by.

The Tank, Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas

If you love the wild side of life, you’re going to have a wonderful time at The Tank pool in Las Vegas. If you’re an adrenaline addict you won’t want to miss out on getting up close and personal with the sharks. The glass-enclosed water slide runs 30-feet down through a large tank where sharks and other deep-sea wildlife swim freely. You’ll be climbing up in the air and before you know it, splash down into a 200,000-gallon tank. It’s an unforgettable experience. After you’re done swimming among the wild creatures, you can have a drink and relax at the nearby bar.

Aqua Dome, Tyrol, Austria

If you’re a SCI-FI fan, you’ll enjoy the three UFO-shaped pools at the Aqua Dome in Tyrol, Austria. Swimming in warm water and having the Alps at your feet sounds like a dream. Well, the Aqua Dome makes that dream a reality. You can enjoy the warm waters of the luxury spa and find peace and quiet while admiring the majestic Alps. To add a bit of glitz and glamour, one of the pools features underwater light shows.

Hotel Caruso, Italy

Positioned 350 m above the sea level, the Caruso Hotel in Ravello offers a great relaxing experience with its infinity pool. What makes it stand out is the gorgeous view from the highest point of Ravello. Even if it gets a bit cold outside, the warm water of the pool will make sure you don’t feel it. You’ll be among the clouds and close to the magnificent skies. It really is a sight to behold, so make this pool a must-see on your next vacation.