Every year we are all faced with a dilemma. Yes, that’s right, it’s Father’s Day again soon, and this time there’s no more room in his sock draw, the kitchen cabinet already has one too many novelty ‘#1 Dad!’ mugs and the bottle of whisky you bought him last year is still half full and quickly collecting cobwebs. Surely buying Father’s Day presents should be easier than this? Wrong. After all we can’t be blamed, what do you buy for the man who’s “been there, done that, got the t-shirt”?

Sure, inviting your old man to a pint down at the pub or a meal in the local restaurant is always a nice idea, but why not treat him to something more special this year? Something he won’t have forgotten about two hours later. Rest assured readers, this year you won’t have to watch on with a grimace as your father yet again feigns enthusiasm for a new tool box, or fakes an interest in the latest celebrity cook book. Follow us as we give a definitive list to the three coolest gifts a guy can get this 15th June.

Supercar Experiences

1. Remember driving toy cars around the legs of your kitchen table as a kid? Well so does your Dad. Most men dream of driving the fastest cars from their early childhood. Supercar Experiences offers that dream by combining the world’s best Supercars with the perfect customer service. With a range of over 60 Supercars to choose from your Dad can finally recreate James Bond in an Aston Martin, release his inner Stig in the latest Porsche or discover his meta Michael Schumacher in a Ferrari. Let your Dad hit the open road in luxury this summer for the supreme Father’s Day thrill.

Up at the O2

2. Don’t be so short sighted as to give your father a tie for Father’s Day, see the bigger picture with O2’s 360 degree panoramic views of London from the roof of an icon. Let your father discover a different side to the London he thought he knew so well. Ideally located near historic Greenwich, the Olympic Park and Canary Wharf, the O2 is offering the ultimate Father’s Day ‘Urban Man-taineering’ experience, with gourmet cheese tasting, male grooming and massage parlour specials to celebrate the nation’s Dads. A choice of three expeditions is available including the opportunity to see the city unwind at sundown in the Sunset Expedition and the chance to see the bright lights of London in the Twilight Expedition at a range of up to 15 miles and at only 26 pounds; this is surely a present we can all toast to.

Helicopter Flight

3.If 15 miles isn’t enough for you, if you are looking for something a little more extreme, then perhaps you might be interested in the British International Helicopter’s flight training and sightseeing services. Sit back and enjoy the heavenly views as you weave along the River Thames and rise above the city’s greatest monuments in an AS350 helicopter or get hands on and learn the meaning of the British International Helicopter’s mantra: “To fly is heavenly, to hover is divine”. With flights over London, your old man might even notice other fathers enjoying the Up at the O2 experience below.

There is certainly no need to be rummaging desperately for a last-minute gift at the local shopping centre, the night before the big day this year. Avoid the crowds and book your Dad the perfect, unforgettable gift online this year, after all, he is the reason you are here.