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Sometimes we need to get away from it all. Weekend trips are an excellent way to unwind and treat yourself for the hard work you put in so that you can pay the bills. There are some vibrant cities in the United Kingdom but many people never get to experience them. Weekends are perfect for exploring such places. You don’t want to waste your main holiday in a bustling city after all. Yes, that will be some people’s idea of heaven, but most prefer to head for sunny beaches on an extended holiday.

London is our capital, so it is only right that it plays host to many cultural and architectural attractions. There is much to see and do there, so to make the most of a weekend break, you must plan well.

Here are a few ideas to help you plan the ultimate weekend away in London.


Your first consideration must be the travel arrangements. There are good rail links from all over the country, so if you enjoy travelling by rail that might be the answer. If you are springing the trip on a loved one as a surprise, why not hire a chauffeur driven limosine from to get you there in style? The door to door service will ensure that you arrive relaxed and stress free.


The internet makes the job of finding accommodation straightforward. All hotels and guesthouses have websites of their own or appear on booking agency websites. You can browse them at your leisure to find the perfect place within your price range.

Things To See

There are too many attractions to fit in one visit; here are a few suggestions.

  • The Houses Of Parliament. Parliament is an important building. It is where we planted the seeds of democracy, and it has influenced the politics of the world. The architecture is magnificent too.

  • The British Museum. This museum is one of the best in the world. It houses some of the greatest archeological discoveries from all over the world. Now that we live in enlightened times, many of the countries have started to ask for their property back. The Rosetta Stone gave us the code for translating Egyptian hieroglyphs, and the Elgin Marbles show the craftsmanship of the ancient Greeks. You can see the Staffordshire Hoard that contains incredible examples of workmanship in the dark ages.

  • The London Eye. You should book your ride in advance if you want to avoid the queues here. You get stunning views of the city on a trip that lasts about forty-five minutes.

  • The West End. You must take in a show on one evening. But which one will you choose? Phantom Of The Opera is my favourite, but there are many other long-running  shows to tempt you.

  • The National Portrait Gallery. If you enjoy art and history, there is no better place for you to visit. See the faces from our distant past captured forever in oils by the masters of their time. Of course, you will find modern portraits of celebrities there too. They will be ancient history one day.

Now you can appreciate the need to plan a weekend with military precision. You can’t take in all of the sights, but you can have an experience to remember. I hope you have a wonderful time.