You may visit London for its exquisite attractions such as Buckingham Palace, London Eye, football stadiums, British Museum, Hyde Park or the National Gallery, to name some. Few know that this regal and vibrant city also has a dark and spooky side to it. For those who enjoy getting that chill down their spine, here is a low down on the top 5 spooky attractions in the city –

1. SCREAM at Madame Tussauds

In the far end of this infamous wax museum is SCREAM, a lesser known inner chamber where things take a goosebumps raising turn. Visitors will be escorted into a maximum-security prison that has been taken over by a bunch of unbalanced inmates. This interactive experience is extremely popular among people who enjoy scary things.

2. The Clink Hostels

If you are looking for a unique option as a hotel, then consider moving into the Clink Hostels during your time here. This 19th century courthouse consists of 7 genuine prison cells that now serve as hostel rooms. Each one features heavy doors and barred windows. Guests have a choice between sharing a skinny space with your “partner in crime” or live in “solitary confinement”.

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3. 50 Berkeley Square

Home of Maggs Brothers, the antiquarian book dealers, this address is worth a visit during your time in London. It is believed that the attic of this house is haunted by the spirit of a woman that killed herself by jumping off the top floor window. The spirit is often spotted in the form of a white figure or a brown mist. Back in the days, a number of unexplained deaths were reported from this very same address. Each one occurred in the attic.

4. The Haunted Tube Stations

London is known for a number of allegedly haunted Tube stations. Several spotting have been reported at Bank, Convent Garden and Farringdon Station over the years. This includes the spirits of black nun looking for her brother, an actor that was murdered near the Adelphi Theatre and a 13 year old trainee hat maker.

5. The Jack the Ripper Tour

One of the most popular serial killers of all time, it is estimated that within a span of 3 years he murdered anywhere between 5 to 11 women. Jack the Ripper was never caught and his identity remains unknown even today. This tour includes a walk through many locations where his victims were found.

In addition to this, you can also visit other spooky sights such as the British Museum, the London Tombs and the Dungeons and you never know who you will find breathing down your neck.