With summertime now upon us, millions are in search of the perfect vacation spots for this year’s fun in the sun. There are literally thousands of destinations all over the country where travellers can take advantage of local nightlife, daytime shopping, and all-around relaxation. You may be at a loss when it comes to picking one venue or locale to visit due to this fact. Those who love to hit the road in their campers and caravans may be able to enjoy a bit more for a bit less, since accommodations won’t be a logistical or financial issue. The coast is inarguably one of the favourite destinations for summer travellers – have you been considering a getaway to the ocean? Below, we’ll discuss four great coastal getaways that have on-site camping facilities so that you can bring the family (and the caravans) along.

Treen Farm

Located just a couple of kilometres from Land’s End, Treen Farm is situated along the shores of Cornwall and is within walking distance of some of the best beaches in the area. You’ll be able to access well-travelled coastlines, as well as isolated beaches that must be hiked to in order to reach. Not everyone will appreciate the isolation, but a variety of other fun times can be had here: surfing and boating are both abundant activities in and around Treen Farm. You can reserve spots for caravans here for as little as eleven pounds per day, which makes it a great and low-cost way to enjoy summertime.

Ayr Holiday Park

Nestled directly next to the port of Saint Ives, the Ayr Holiday Park has abundant space for camping and caravans, and can be considered a “luxury” camping spot. Currently priced at around £30 per day, this ideal location will give you access to a variety of boating, surfing and fishing opportunities, as well as pristine beaches on which to soak up some summer sun. Outside showers and a children’s play area are just a few of the extra amenities your money will buy you here. Even if you don’t have a caravan or camper – and if you don’t, you can find caravans for sale in your area by visiting Gumtree – there are plenty of hotels and other amenities nearby to make this a prime vacation spot no matter what.

Shell Island

Along the coast of Snowdonia, you’ll find Shell Island, which is a modestly priced resort for caravans and travellers alike. The cost to stay here is around £15 per day, and you’ll have access to a variety of beautiful beaches, a large peninsula of sand dunes where you’ll be able to camp, and lots of facilities. A supermarket, restaurant, pub, showers and laundry services are available in the area, making this a great place even for those who just want to camp traditionally.

These three great camping spots – Shell Island, Treen Farm and Ayr Holiday Park – make perfect destinations for your summer camping vacation. With relatively low costs, beautiful views and plenty of relaxation to be had, the only question left to ask is, “why haven’t you booked your trip yet?”