Take A Luxury Tour Of London

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See The Best Of The Capital From A Chauffeur-Driven Vehicle

Visiting the capital soon? Book a luxury chauffeur-driven tour to see the highlights of London from the comfort of your own private vehicle.

The Office of National Statistics has released new figures which report that London welcomed over 31.5 million tourists to the capital last year. This represents a 20% increase in visitors over the past five years. There are so many reasons why people travel to London. Some will book a city break, whilst others come to attend a specific event such as a sports match, music concert, art exhibition or fashion show. No matter what the reason is for your trip to London, we recommend that you squeeze in a luxury tour of London during your stay.

What Is A Luxury Tour?

Luxury tours differ from traditional London packages. Rather than sitting on the top deck of a sightseeing bus or joining a walking tour in London’s unpredictable weather, why not see the best that the capital has to offer from the comfortable confines of a chauffeur-driven vehicle?

You and your party will be treated to a luxury ride around the capital which will take in your bucket-list of preferred landmarks along the way. Unlike other types of London tour, a chauffeur-driven vehicle will cater specifically for your private group without the concerns of being interrupted by other tourists. Passengers will of course be served refreshments along the way if desired.

London Landmarks

Naturally, the list of places you’d like to see on your London luxury tour route is entirely up to you. However, we are able to offer advice and suggestions if you would appreciate some guidance. You might wish to see popular favourites such as the Tower of London, Big Ben, the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, Downing Street, St James’ Palace, Buckingham Palace, MI6, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament or Nelson’s Column. Alternatively, you might have some other ideas in mind. We can be entirely flexible depending on your requirements.

Extend Your Luxury Tour

Of course, it is also possible to extend your luxury tour beyond the limousine ride. Why not decide to enjoy an Afternoon Tea at the Ritz, take in a West-End show or visit the London Eye? We can arrange all drop-offs and pick-ups for you before taking you back to one of London’s sophisticated and glamourous VIP hotels. Our concierge service is also able to book tables for you at some of the capital’s finest restaurants.

Who To Book With?

We are privileged to recommend a London chauffeur service who provide services for a number of high profile clients from both the UK and the USA. Their fleet of luxury vehicles includes Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes S and V class and Range Rover LWB cars. This selection of vehicles allows them to guarantee that you will experience serious comfort and extravagance as part of your luxury London tour. All of their chauffeurs are hand-picked and provide only the most discreet and confidential services for you and your party.

If you’re interested in booking a luxury tour of London, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Andrew’s Limousines. They can talk to you about your requirements and will be happy to suggest additional options if you’re in need of a little inspiration or advice. Call today for further information.

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2016 Summer Ladies Fashion Trends

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Whether you are a visitor or a Londoner, you will love this summer’s fashions that are hitting the stores now.  The loose fitting ultra-casual style, of this season’s look, will let you effortlessly enjoy our brief, but glorious summer weather.  As you shop, here are a few great trends to keep an eye out for as update your wardrobe.

Check out the new summer styles and great deals with New Look store with Groupon discount codes for New Look. You will find lots of 1960’s hippie inspired flowing cotton jumpsuits and silky flowing pants with wide legs. You will often find a lot of graphic tees and denim shorts this year. They can be paired with light denim jackets and footwear such as sneakers or a great variety of sandals.

This year’s sandals are going wild with straps. The trend is for thin straps that criss and cross and wind up the leg. Whether you want a flat or a wedge, you will have many choices this year. Buy early for the best selection and to take advantage of early 2-for-1 sales at various shoe outlets.

Another summer trend is athletic wear, no matter if you are actually headed to run or hit the gym. Yoga pants and spandex shirts are all the rage and even are becoming acceptable for casual office attire. Being healthy and fit is stylish and sexy. Especially hot are the classic Converse Chuck Taylors, which have gotten new life from their parent company, Nike. This classic kick has been reinvented in dozens of new color schemes and even customized designs. If you are headed out on the town to see the sights or just to hang out with your mates, you can go comfortable. You might even be inspired to actually exercise.

Whatever you new styles you choose to match your personality this summer, get out there and enjoy the sun!

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Online Casino Etiquette

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If you have ever visited a bricks and mortar, physical casino you will know that there are house rules and certain etiquette that you are expected to follow.  Although an online casino is very different to a physical one in many respects, it may surprise you to learn that there is etiquette to follow even in an online environment.

It Starts With You

Just because other people do not follow the rules of online etiquette, does not mean you shouldn’t.  Try to make yourself a good example for others to follow.  One of the problems with many online games, both games console style and gambling style games, is that a handful of people tend to shed a negative light on it for the good people.  Try to be one of the good ones.

Never Even Consider Cheating

The old saying that cheaters never prosper comes to mind.  While you should apply this in all areas of your life, you should especially follow that piece of advice when you participate in gambling and play online casino games.  Gambling is used by millions of people throughout the world as a way of unwinding, so try and be contentious and help them to get the unwinding time they need rather than making them feel worse by acting inappropriately and cheating.

Chat With Other Players With Appropriate Decorum

On many online casinos you are able to chat live with the dealer and other players.  You should always keep the tone of the conversation light and respectful.  While it is okay to crack some jokes and engage in some friendly banter; you should never make rude or crude comments about other players or even the dealer.  Treat everyone else the way you would like them to treat you – with the appropriate level of respect.  It is also worth keeping in mind that even if you can’;t see who you are playing against, it is possible that you will be playing with people of various backgrounds – in terms of race, gender, religion and even sexual orientation.  So keep any controversial thoughts or conversation topics to yourself in this situation.

Be A Good Sport, Not A Sore Loser

While this applies more to live games, it is something you should keep in mind when playing anything online.  Always accept defeat graciously and avoid being a bad sport or sore loser.  For example, if you are in a live poker room and have just lost a big hand, be sure to keep your temper.  Remember that live chat is there as a bonus from the online casino and if you abuse it by flooding it with inflammatory remarks and inappropriate language, you may put off regulars from using the service more and that will make things a little less interesting for all involved.

We are sure you will agree that the list is not exactly an exhaustive one and one that is full of principles you should be following in your day to day life anyway.  It is also worth noting that if you act aggressively, are rude or otherwise inappropriate and disruptive the only thing you may achieve is receiving a lifetime ban from using an online casino.

Keeping the above in mind, click here for online casino games.

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Take a Trip to London for the 2015 Rugby World Cup

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2015 is set to be a hugely exciting year for fans of sports and in particular rugby, as Britain will be hosting the hotly anticipated Rugby World Cup, which takes place between September 18th and October 31st 2015. There will be 48 fixtures in total over the course of the six weeks and all of these will be held at stadiums across England as well as at the Millennium Stadium in Wales. Of the 48 fixtures, 17 will be taking place in London at the Olympic Stadium, Wembley Stadium, and Twickenham Stadium, which is where the final will also be held on 31st October 2015.

While many people will be eager to get their hands on tickets for these London matches, not everyone will be lucky enough to be able to make it. Fortunately, doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the rugby action. If you want to stay up to date with the latest action on all of the World Cup rugby matches, Coral can provide you with all of the information you need. When you use the Coral site you will not only be able to keep on top of what’s happening at the London matches over the course of the tournament but also at the other matches being held across England and Wales, so no matter where you are you can still enjoy keep abreast of the latest rugby news. The site also provides you with access match betting for the World Cup, so you can even bet on your favourites and enjoy the chance to win big.

Make the most of your time in London

If you are lucky enough to be heading to London for one of the 17 fixtures being held there, you should make sure you get your plans sorted early on particularly if you are planning to stay over. With huge numbers of people expected to flock to these matches, leaving travel arrangements and accommodation until the last minute could prove disastrous, so making sure you get your arrangements sorted as early as possible is highly advisable. Depending on which venue you are attending, start looking for suitable accommodation to avoid disappointment. Also, if you are not travelling by car get your transport tickets booked up early.

It is also worth taking some time out to enjoy the many sights and attractions that the English capital has become so well known for. You may even want to spend a couple of days here so that you have time to take in the main attractions and sights before or after the excitement of the rugby. You can take time to enjoy the key tourist attractions such as the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, and the Tower of London.

You can also add a little culture to your trip with a trip to one of the theatres in the West End, a visit to the unique East End of London, or by taking in attractions such as The British Museum, the National Gallery or the Imperial War Museum.

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Make the Most of Your Quiet Time in London

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If you make a short trip to London then you will expect some hectic moments. Cramming into a Tube train, going shopping on Oxford Street and queuing to get into a theatre show are some of the times when you are likely to be surrounded by plenty of other people.

However, there are sure to be some times when things are a bit quieter. So why not take advantage of these moments as well?

Take a Good Book Away

A terrific idea is to take away a book about London with you when you travel here. This could be a travel guide, a history of the city or even just a novel that is set there. You can read this when you are waiting to travel in the airport or train station, when you are travelling on the Tube or in your room at night. A book can also help you to feel comfortable about eating out alone. This city has been the scene of some of some fascinating events over the centuries, so there are plenty of historical books to choose from. Getting the right one could even mean that you end up going out and discovering a place you read about, which is a fantastic way to explore any city.

Discover the Parks

While it is famous for big, busy streets and lots of crowds, London also has some massive and very attractive parks. Hyde Park and Regent’s Park are among the best green spaces to explore. Your options here range from roller skating, taking a picnic or just sitting down with a book or newspaper. Best of all, these parks are centrally located, so getting to them is easy. There are also many other parks and green spaces around the city for you to explore. If you like to take a break from the busy touristy places then you will find that it is easy to unwind in one of these parks for an hour or two. They can also be interesting places to explore, as you might see wildlife or some locals out enjoying the fresh air.

Play Some Games

A modern trend that is great for travellers is that of playing games on mobile phones or tablets. If you are planning on taking away your mobile device to London then it could be a big help in passing those quiet hours more pleasantly. Of course, many of us use these gadgets to look at our photos or to use social media sites while away from home. However, playing games can be even more fun. A good example of how this can be done comes with the interesting new online bingo sites such as Bingo Extra. If you are in your hotel room late at night then playing games on these sites can be a lot more exciting than switching on the television. If you choose to stay in a hotel with free Wi-Fi then it will also be completely free to do this. Just remember to take away your charger with you.

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5 of London’s Most Exclusive Gentlemen’s Clubs

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London is home to the private Gentlemen’s club; some of the most revered institutions on the planet. You have to be a member to gain entry in the modern day, while it was also very much the same during the 18th century when the British upper class first introduced them. Compared to the earlier years, there has been a modernisation in the way in which Gentlemen’s clubs are run.

However, the vast majority are still exclusively made for men. You will find it extremely hard to gain entry to such venues, although there’s certainly plenty for you to learn about these highly fascinating institutions. Here are five private Gentlemen’s clubs in London that are of notable interest and particularly stand out.

The Athenaeum

The Athenaeum is a stunning aesthetic building designed by Decimus Burton. The building’s exterior is based on the Parthenon in Athens and features numerous emblems and imagery accompanying a truly spectacular columned entrance. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, is watching down on those who enter with the statue of the goddess situated atop the first floor balcony.

The club has an extensive library filled with tomes, as well as a newly renovated smoking room that is entirely smoke-free. Some notable former members of this delightful gentleman’s club include Herbert Spencer, who possessed philosophies that inspired Social Darwinism.

The In & Out, Naval and Military Club

This was first established as the idyllic resting place for serving officers and those of the armed forces. This is one of many Gentleman’s clubs that have modernised and begun admitting women and those not part of the armed forces. There are two entrances to the club, one of which ensures a strict dress code is adhered to and the other providing a less formal entrance.

From either entrance you can gain access to some of the clubs most luxurious facilities, from a gym and swimming pool to the Goat Bar and a fully equipped business centre. There are 52 en-suite bedrooms to make the most of with the club offering unrivalled and extensive accommodation options. In order to gain membership to this Gentleman’s club you must be proposed or seconded by a member.

The East India Club

Commissioned Officers of the Army and Navy as well as those who were members of the East India Company founded the East India Club and merged with sports and public school clubs. Established in the 19th century, young public school boys were given the opportunity to experience the gentlemen’s club for the very first time.

This club is particularly well known for having members of various ages, including retired seniors and young businessmen. The East India Club has not yet modernised to the point where they admit women, although there have been attempts made by current members to modernise. Numerous facilities are available to utilise in this gentleman’s club, such as a gym, a business room and club sports teams’ facilities.


Lord Shelbourne, once Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, founded the Boodles Gentleman’s club in 1762 before he was in office. Boodle’s is certainly one of the most well-known and prestigious Gentleman’s clubs in the UK. It celebrated its 250th anniversary in 2012 and takes its name from the former head waiter, Edward Boodle.

The club is aligned as being in partnership with the Conservative Party and gaining membership to the club is no easy task. The admittance process is determined by a nomination system carried out by current members. The club has its own traditional dish, the Orange Fool, which is often enjoyed by members.


This is probably the most exclusive Gentleman’s club around, with Prime Minister David Cameron once being a member. It was first established in 1693 and is strictly members only. The building itself is arguably the most splendid feature; a grand Portland stone Grade I listed property situated in the heart of St. James’ Street.

You might be wondering why David Cameron is a “former” member of the club. The PM decided enough was enough when the club’s members refused to overrule their men-only policy, resulting in a famous, well-documented snub. However, David Cameron’s father was once the chairman of White’s, meaning he is currently the only member to voluntarily leave.

Many Royals are current members of White’s, including heir to the throne Prince Charles. White’s features a games room, a beautiful drinks bar and plenty of British game on the menu.

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