London is the melting point of many cultures. The city finds its origins in the mid-first century AD and the historic legacy is quite a great deal to explore. Add to this the immense diversity and cultural richness of this teeming city and you are certain to find it high on your list of destinations to visit. Fortunately,London is one of those cities that makes it possible for visitors on a shoestring to explore quite satisfactorily. Here are some tips for a budget trip to London.

Air BnB and budget accommodation –One of the greatest expenses you are likely to incur in London is towards your stay. London is home to some of the most luxurious boutique hotels such as The LaLiT London. These, however, may not be a wise choice if you’re traveling on a budget. It is quite easy to find comfortable Air BnB options, bed and breakfast, hostels with student discounts, and inexpensive rooms in London.You may also want to look up home stays and budget hotels that offer free airport transfer.

Check out the free attractions – One of the greatest advantages of visiting a historically and culturally rich city like London is that most of the popular attractions do not charge an entry fee.Some of the more popular museums such as the Tate Modern, the British Museum,the National Gallery and even the Southbank Centre art complex are open to visitors without the need to purchase entry. Handy travel apps can also direct you to free events across the city like music festivals, food tastings, book readings, etc. Look out for street side art exhibitions and performances in open parks and soak in the culture of London.

Inexpensive eats – London is certainly the city for the masses. While you are likely to find high-end Michelin star fine dining London restaurants on the one hand, you will also find food trucks and carts, small cafes and joints serving an eclectic variety of fresh and delicious foods. One of the great ways to save money on your food budget during your trip to London is to shop for groceriesat local markets such as the popular Borough Market and put together great salads, fruit salads, wine and cheese meals. You may even want to prepare a basket and lunch out at some of the beautiful London parks.

Get a London Pass and an Oyster card–While we spoke of all the free tourist attractions of London there are yet many which you may want to visit but getting individual entry passes to each may be rather expensive. A London Pass offers entry to a number of 80 popular attractions such as Tower of London and Westminster Abbey. It also allows you to take the Hopon Hop off Bus Tour of London. The London Pass comes with a number of add-ons such as a free tourist guidebook, exclusive offers, and quick entry to the attractions. You can also opt for an additional Oyster card with the pass to allow you unlimited underground rides making travel inexpensive.Find online offers – One of the greatest things about traveling to London is that there are a variety of offers and discounts available if you hunt online. From nightclub tickets with drinks to tickets for West End plays, from promotional events to cycling tours and from bargain shopping to discount coupons – just about everything is available if you look online and scout various websites. Planning ahead is the key.