5 Tips for a Budget Trip to London

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London is the melting point of many cultures. The city finds its origins in the mid-first century AD and the historic legacy is quite a great deal to explore. Add to this the immense diversity and cultural richness of this teeming city and you are certain to find it high on your list of destinations to visit. Fortunately,London is one of those cities that makes it possible for visitors on a shoestring to explore quite satisfactorily. Here are some tips for a budget trip to London.

Air BnB and budget accommodation –One of the greatest expenses you are likely to incur in London is towards your stay. London is home to some of the most luxurious boutique hotels such as The LaLiT London. These, however, may not be a wise choice if you’re traveling on a budget. It is quite easy to find comfortable Air BnB options, bed and breakfast, hostels with student discounts, and inexpensive rooms in London.You may also want to look up home stays and budget hotels that offer free airport transfer.

Check out the free attractions – One of the greatest advantages of visiting a historically and culturally rich city like London is that most of the popular attractions do not charge an entry fee.Some of the more popular museums such as the Tate Modern, the British Museum,the National Gallery and even the Southbank Centre art complex are open to visitors without the need to purchase entry. Handy travel apps can also direct you to free events across the city like music festivals, food tastings, book readings, etc. Look out for street side art exhibitions and performances in open parks and soak in the culture of London.

Inexpensive eats – London is certainly the city for the masses. While you are likely to find high-end Michelin star fine dining London restaurants on the one hand, you will also find food trucks and carts, small cafes and joints serving an eclectic variety of fresh and delicious foods. One of the great ways to save money on your food budget during your trip to London is to shop for groceriesat local markets such as the popular Borough Market and put together great salads, fruit salads, wine and cheese meals. You may even want to prepare a basket and lunch out at some of the beautiful London parks.

Get a London Pass and an Oyster card–While we spoke of all the free tourist attractions of London there are yet many which you may want to visit but getting individual entry passes to each may be rather expensive. A London Pass offers entry to a number of 80 popular attractions such as Tower of London and Westminster Abbey. It also allows you to take the Hopon Hop off Bus Tour of London. The London Pass comes with a number of add-ons such as a free tourist guidebook, exclusive offers, and quick entry to the attractions. You can also opt for an additional Oyster card with the pass to allow you unlimited underground rides making travel inexpensive.Find online offers – One of the greatest things about traveling to London is that there are a variety of offers and discounts available if you hunt online. From nightclub tickets with drinks to tickets for West End plays, from promotional events to cycling tours and from bargain shopping to discount coupons – just about everything is available if you look online and scout various websites. Planning ahead is the key.

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The Best Hotel Pools in the World

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Let’s face it; square and circular hotel pools are old-hat, and certainly won’t make your holiday one to remember. Instead, why not spice things up a bit and visit some of the world’s most amazing hotel pools? Whether you’re an adventure type or just want to escape the random daily routine, these top 5 pools will rev you up in no time.

The Red Pool at The Library in Thailand

The Library Hotel in Koh Samui, Thailand speaks for itself. Made from yellow, orange and deep red tiles, the pool is a signature piece of the resort. The blood red colour offers the illusion of swimming in deep waters through a perfectly calculated design. The hotel is located near the beach of Chaweng and you can watch the waves crash onto the shore while enjoying a luxurious dip in the warm waters of the pool. The uniquely crafted work of art entices and tempts any wild spirit to enjoy a peaceful but mind-dazzling experience.

The Gold Energy Pool at St. Regis Resort in Tibet

Gold? Energy? Yes, it’s the beautifully crafted pool offered by St Regis Resort in Lhasa, Tibet. The gold-tiles shine of luxury and will make you feel as relaxed as ever. The combination of the salted-warm water with the glitter of pure gold creates a marvelous atmosphere to help you reach a Zen-like state of mind. After you’ve enjoyed a nice and soothing swim you can continue to relax by booking a foot massage in the resting area. If you feel a bit hungry you can help yourself with the catering available close by.

The Tank, Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas

If you love the wild side of life, you’re going to have a wonderful time at The Tank pool in Las Vegas. If you’re an adrenaline addict you won’t want to miss out on getting up close and personal with the sharks. The glass-enclosed water slide runs 30-feet down through a large tank where sharks and other deep-sea wildlife swim freely. You’ll be climbing up in the air and before you know it, splash down into a 200,000-gallon tank. It’s an unforgettable experience. After you’re done swimming among the wild creatures, you can have a drink and relax at the nearby bar.

Aqua Dome, Tyrol, Austria

If you’re a SCI-FI fan, you’ll enjoy the three UFO-shaped pools at the Aqua Dome in Tyrol, Austria. Swimming in warm water and having the Alps at your feet sounds like a dream. Well, the Aqua Dome makes that dream a reality. You can enjoy the warm waters of the luxury spa and find peace and quiet while admiring the majestic Alps. To add a bit of glitz and glamour, one of the pools features underwater light shows.

Hotel Caruso, Italy

Positioned 350 m above the sea level, the Caruso Hotel in Ravello offers a great relaxing experience with its infinity pool. What makes it stand out is the gorgeous view from the highest point of Ravello. Even if it gets a bit cold outside, the warm water of the pool will make sure you don’t feel it. You’ll be among the clouds and close to the magnificent skies. It really is a sight to behold, so make this pool a must-see on your next vacation.

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6 Places to Visit in Thailand in December

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Taking a trip package to Thailand during the Christmas month is a great idea. It is a relaxing time, where you can either escape the festivities or celebrate it in a completely different way. There are various destinations that you can try visiting in Thailand.

  1. Bangkok

It is the most common destination in Thailand. It is the cosmopolitan capital of Thailand. It is an eccentric place which you should definitely try to visit during winters. There are various places which are worth exploring in Bangkok. The Chinatown, the Buddhist wats, the street side restaurants, the architectural charms are some of the places where you should go. Other than that, you can even visit the Khao San Road. It is known worldwide for being the happiest centre in Thailand.

  1. Chiang Mai

It is located in Northern Thailand. It is surrounded by lush greenery on all sides. There are various forested mountains where you can spot the hill tribe communities. There are various outdoor activities which you can try over here. Elephant safaris are very common here. You can find national parks and cliff top temples too. The Phra Singh Temple is the most common over here. Wat Prasat, Chedi Luang is some of the other places of interest over here.

  1. Pattaya

If you want to see sand beaches and coral islands, this is a great place to visit in Thailand. It is filled with tourists all the year round. There are various restaurants and sporting activities that you should try over here. You can try swimming, snorkelling and golf. The major attractions here are the Thai dances, the Sky Walk, the elephant rides, visiting the Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens and enjoying the exotic nightlife.

  1. Krabi

It is located on the western coast of Thailand, on the Southern Thailand. It is a wonderful place to visit during the Christmas. There are huge limestone karsts. They are jutting out of the water. There are various untouched beaches. Reef snorkelling is a great thing to be tried over here. There are waterfalls and rainforests to be visited. You can even board a boat to go to Ko Lanta or even to the beautiful Ko Phi Phi. There are many beach bars as well as sea food restaurants to be explored.

  1. Ko Samui

It is one of the most luxurious places to be visited in Thailand. It is a perfect getaway for honeymooners during Christmas. There are various coral reefs, beaches, rainforests and also coconut plantations. There are various boutique resorts here. You can even indulge yourself in an exotic spa experience. You can also enjoy the full moon parties. You can try adventure sports like diving and snorkelling. You can also visit the Ang Thong Islands and Ko Phangan.

  1. Hua Hin

This place is a culturally rich place in Thailand. There are various beach font resorts which create a romantic ambience. There are various golf resorts too. The night market is a special attraction over here. You can visit the Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park too. There are various sandstone caves which provides a visual delight to its tourists.

There’s a lot you can do in Thailand during December. There are lovely stay options, great adventure activities and various places to explore to make your vacation the perfect one.

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Where can you print 24 hours in London

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When you needed printing done in the past, you would have to take your specific designs along to a printer. It could take a week or two before the posters, booklets or whatever type of stationary and promotional products you needed. Although frustrating, there was not a lot you could do about it.

In recent decades though, the concept of quicker and effective printing was introduced and now you can actually get things printed for your business or personal use in 24 hours.

Benefits Of Using 24 Hour Printing Services

Not only does this mean that you no longer have to wait such a long time for promotional and advertising products that you need for your business or personal use, it can also save you a lot of money too. While the technology and equipment have continued to improve greatly over the years, to make quicker and more efficient printing possible; the actual costs have remained the same, or have reduced in many cases.

A further benefit is the fact that due to the more sophisticated designs of modern printing equipment and the functionality they offer, there is a greater diversity in what you can have printed. Being able to order what you need quicker, obviously helps to increase the productivity of your business and gives you more time to focus on other more pressing matters.

Where Can You Get 24 Hour Printing In London?

It has never been easier than it is nowadays to get promotional items or anything else really printed within 24 hours. If you are looking for 24-hour printing London is one of the best places and easier places in the country to find this kind of service.

To help you find the best 24-hour printing service, London-based or otherwise, there are some important considerations you need to make that will help whittle down the rather long list of businesses any search for this kind of service will produce.

What Are Their Opening Times?

Is it important to you that your printer is available whenever you need them, even if it is at 4 o’ clock in the morning when most other businesses are closed? If so, you need to find a company that offers their services 24 hours a day, regardless of the time you seek a quote or order something from them.

Is Delivery Included In The Price?

If you are okay to head down to the printer’s premises to collect your products, this is not as important. However, if you are ordering an exceptionally large amount of items from a printer, or you just want the convenience of not having to spend more time than necessary on the whole thing – it is recommended that you find a printer that offers delivery.

Using a 24-hour printing service London-based or otherwise can help to take a lot of the stress out of organising your important literature, advertising material and other promotional items. We hope that the information we have provided above helps you to find the best 24-hour printing business that you can benefit fully from.

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What to Do in London Before Moving on to Your Next Travel Destination

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They say people always leave. People always roam around and explore new places. But what do you do if you happen to be in London? Will you still leave it? Even with its spectacular views and sceneries? If you live in London, it’s no wonder you would still want to leave. Maybe to live in another country or try new cuisine or learn a new language and lifestyle. Whatever the reason is, try to do these before you leave London.

  1. Have a sweet goodbye at The View from The Shard.
  • London is a place you wouldn’t want to forget. So make sure to have an overlooking view of the city through the view from The Shard. Being the tallest building in Western Europe, the majestic lights and beautiful view of people enjoying the city can be seen here.
  1. Watch a play.
  • You should never miss this since London is a place rich in culture and history. London is the best place to see a play because of its talented actors and actresses. Aside from the people, London also offers extraordinary play venue as it comes with high end facilities and equipment.
  1. Witness the Notting Hill Festival.
  • This festival is Europe’s biggest street party and a lot of families gather to celebrate the holiday. The streets of London glow with beautiful colors as the carnival takes place every year and beautiful music are also heard from street speakers.
  1. Visit a museum.
  • Every place has its own history and so London. When you decide to leave London, make sure you already heard some London stories and beliefs. The way to do this is to visit a museum and learn the different cultures that take place in this beautiful city. One museum suggestion is the Imperial War Museum wherein you can hear real voices of war.
  1. Do not forget to have travel vaccinations before moving on to another country.
  • Wellness comes before everything else, that’s for sure! So don’t ever come to a place unprepared. This is the worst thing that you can do to yourself. While traveling is one of the most exciting things you can ever do in your entire life, it is also one of the most dangerous. You meet a lot of new people, eat different food, breathe a different atmosphere. Ensure that you visit a travel vaccination clinic in Londonto check all vaccinations are up to date upon moving on to your next location. Always remember, “Health is wealth”.

In addition, make sure you have enjoyed London well before leaving it. It may help that you have someone with you to tour around, experience things and feel the breeze of London air. After all, it’s a city full of love. You might want to take a post card with you before you leave as well. Always remember to have something that will remind you of each place that you visit. In that way, you get to tell a story about it and share something good about it to other people.

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Why Not Let the London Experts Treat Your Ailments When You Visit?

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London – one word, a hundred different meanings. It can mean a dream destination, a romantic dinner, a good place to propose, home of good scents or a place to be physically fit and healthy. There is no doubt that London is one of the most liked places in world because of its breathtaking views and scenery. Travelling to London may be included in a couple’s item in their bucket list but there are some things in London that you may not think to try or look for- one of these things being quality pain relief and injury treatments.

London has high standards when it comes to physical treatments, such as physiotherapy, with extensive training and qualifications await to those who wish to be one. Bruno de Jongh, from London Physiotherapy experts CBR Clinics believes that the exceptional level of treatments in London, and the UK, is down to the rigorous training that needs to be completed in order for somebody to be a licensed physio.

People in London value health so much that they only want the best people to handle health-related concerns. Aside from the need to be licensed and registered physiotherapist, you also need to undergo strenuous training to perform this profession. Here’s a quick guide on how to become a physiotherapist in London:

  1. Get a degree in physiotherapy. A lot of people mistaken this profession as something that can be learned in one week. Joke’s on them because this course takes 3 years to finish (full time).
  2. After taking a physiotherapy-related course, certain skills must be obtained during the said period course. There are hundreds of institutions that offer the best physiotherapy courses so there are no worries in getting high quality education.
  3. Only those who finished the course are eligible to take the physiotherapist registration exam. If you survive your school’s training, be sure to survive your real-world training because physiotherapists are always on the lookout in London.
  4. A yearly update on the skills acquired is essential to stay as an official physiotherapist.
  5. An annual retention fee should be paid by the practitioner as well.

Not only physiotherapists undergo these steps. Other health-related professions are also difficult to pass and practice. London has very high expectations on their health experts that they are required to prove themselves to serve the people. Treatments in London are often seen as one of the ideals, if not the best, in the world. Some people go to London to get a good physio experience.

So, if London is on your destination list this year, it will be a miss if you don’t try some fantastic physiotherapy to help cure your ailments. If traveling for treasure and a great experience to keep, health is still wealth. Why not hit two birds with one stone, right?

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Take a North Carolina Winery Tour

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Did you know that nestled just at the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina is an eccentric cluster of wineries? If you happen to be camping in the Appalachian Mountains, taking a tour of the local wineries is an excellent way to spend your holiday. Just be sure to save space for the bottles you will surely want to enjoy when you get back to your campsite!

When you travel to North Carolina wine country, you will discover outstanding wines, lovely winemakers, and beautiful landscapes. The windy mountain roads are beautiful along the route that leads from one vineyard to the next. While the mountain roads leading to some of these wineries are steep, if you have the correct RV weight distribution hitches, you have no reason fear.

If you choose to visit North Carolina wine country, these are the wineries I recommend:

Overmountain Vineyards

Perfectly named, Overmountain Vineyards overlooks the Appalachian Mountains offering guests a wide variety of wines to sample while enjoying the scenic view. This vineyard has a beautiful outdoor seating section with views of the vineyard and the mountain, and a friendly Great Dane to great you.

Located in Tryon, North Carolina, visitors can taste a variety of wines and tour the property on Wednesdays through Sundays year-round. Guests will receive personal attention from the staff and will leave with a souvenir glass.

Mountain Brook Vineyards

Mountain Brook Vineyards has a smaller tasting room, but don’t let the size of the space fool you. Their wines are exceptional and award-winning. The view of the vineyard and the mountains can be seen from the peaceful tasting room. Guests will feel right at home in this comfortable space while being given the full attention of the wine makers themselves.

Visitors can enjoy a wine tasting Fridays – Sundays for only $10, and guests will get to take home a souvenir glass. When you visit Mountain Brook, you can sense the pride the owners take in the production of quality wine.

Parker Binns Vineyard

Parker Binns Vineyard has a vineyard and garden with a view that is beautiful enough for many brides to choose to have their weddings on site. The owners are charismatic and make wine tastings fun and personal. For example, the patio includes a firebrick oven where the cook pizzas on the weekends for guests.

In addition to a fun wine tasting experience offered Wednesdays – Sundays, guests will also enjoy listening to a variety of live music performances. Parker Binns Vineyard is easily a place where you can spend quite a bit of time (and money). Their wine is delicious and their wine-centric gift shop is perfect for stocking up on presents.

It’s Wine O Clock Somewhere

I’ve just listed my three favorite vineyards, but North Carolina is home to over 400 vineyards and 185 wineries! When camping in North Carolina, whether in the mountains or along the coast, you should visit a tasting room. Plan to purchase a bottle – you won’t want to go home without one.

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