Take A Luxury Tour Of London

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See The Best Of The Capital From A Chauffeur-Driven Vehicle

Visiting the capital soon? Book a luxury chauffeur-driven tour to see the highlights of London from the comfort of your own private vehicle.

The Office of National Statistics has released new figures which report that London welcomed over 31.5 million tourists to the capital last year. This represents a 20% increase in visitors over the past five years. There are so many reasons why people travel to London. Some will book a city break, whilst others come to attend a specific event such as a sports match, music concert, art exhibition or fashion show. No matter what the reason is for your trip to London, we recommend that you squeeze in a luxury tour of London during your stay.

What Is A Luxury Tour?

Luxury tours differ from traditional London packages. Rather than sitting on the top deck of a sightseeing bus or joining a walking tour in London’s unpredictable weather, why not see the best that the capital has to offer from the comfortable confines of a chauffeur-driven vehicle?

You and your party will be treated to a luxury ride around the capital which will take in your bucket-list of preferred landmarks along the way. Unlike other types of London tour, a chauffeur-driven vehicle will cater specifically for your private group without the concerns of being interrupted by other tourists. Passengers will of course be served refreshments along the way if desired.

London Landmarks

Naturally, the list of places you’d like to see on your London luxury tour route is entirely up to you. However, we are able to offer advice and suggestions if you would appreciate some guidance. You might wish to see popular favourites such as the Tower of London, Big Ben, the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, Downing Street, St James’ Palace, Buckingham Palace, MI6, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament or Nelson’s Column. Alternatively, you might have some other ideas in mind. We can be entirely flexible depending on your requirements.

Extend Your Luxury Tour

Of course, it is also possible to extend your luxury tour beyond the limousine ride. Why not decide to enjoy an Afternoon Tea at the Ritz, take in a West-End show or visit the London Eye? We can arrange all drop-offs and pick-ups for you before taking you back to one of London’s sophisticated and glamourous VIP hotels. Our concierge service is also able to book tables for you at some of the capital’s finest restaurants.

Who To Book With?

We are privileged to recommend a London chauffeur service who provide services for a number of high profile clients from both the UK and the USA. Their fleet of luxury vehicles includes Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes S and V class and Range Rover LWB cars. This selection of vehicles allows them to guarantee that you will experience serious comfort and extravagance as part of your luxury London tour. All of their chauffeurs are hand-picked and provide only the most discreet and confidential services for you and your party.

If you’re interested in booking a luxury tour of London, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Andrew’s Limousines. They can talk to you about your requirements and will be happy to suggest additional options if you’re in need of a little inspiration or advice. Call today for further information.

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2016 Summer Ladies Fashion Trends

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Whether you are a visitor or a Londoner, you will love this summer’s fashions that are hitting the stores now.  The loose fitting ultra-casual style, of this season’s look, will let you effortlessly enjoy our brief, but glorious summer weather.  As you shop, here are a few great trends to keep an eye out for as update your wardrobe.

Check out the new summer styles and great deals with New Look store with Groupon discount codes for New Look. You will find lots of 1960’s hippie inspired flowing cotton jumpsuits and silky flowing pants with wide legs. You will often find a lot of graphic tees and denim shorts this year. They can be paired with light denim jackets and footwear such as sneakers or a great variety of sandals.

This year’s sandals are going wild with straps. The trend is for thin straps that criss and cross and wind up the leg. Whether you want a flat or a wedge, you will have many choices this year. Buy early for the best selection and to take advantage of early 2-for-1 sales at various shoe outlets.

Another summer trend is athletic wear, no matter if you are actually headed to run or hit the gym. Yoga pants and spandex shirts are all the rage and even are becoming acceptable for casual office attire. Being healthy and fit is stylish and sexy. Especially hot are the classic Converse Chuck Taylors, which have gotten new life from their parent company, Nike. This classic kick has been reinvented in dozens of new color schemes and even customized designs. If you are headed out on the town to see the sights or just to hang out with your mates, you can go comfortable. You might even be inspired to actually exercise.

Whatever you new styles you choose to match your personality this summer, get out there and enjoy the sun!

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The History of London’s Iconic Cabs

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hey’re something that most Londoners ignore, and are just part of the everyday fabric of life for residents of the City. But for tourists and day trippers alike, London’s Hackney Cabs are as big a part of the allure of the capital as it’s architecture, and dare I say it, as iconic as St Paul’s, The Tower of London, and Buckingham Palace.

Whilst they might not have the grand appearance of the cathedral, or the Tower’s bloody history, London’s Black Cabs do actually have a pretty interesting story. As this guide from the Taxi Centre shows, it’s one that stretches a little further back than you think.

The Taxi Centre have put together a “Taxis through Time” guide, tracing the history of London and it’s taxis from the Roman era through, through the Tudor, Georgian, Victorian and War Era’s, right up to the cabs we use today.

Take a look at the guide below, and read more about the history of Taxi’s in London (and the UK) over at the Taxi Centre blog.


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Travel Guide for first time Travellers to Canary Wharf

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Area Guide – Canary Wharf

A business hub situated in Tower Hamlets in East London, Canary Wharf is one of the main financial centres in the UK. The neighbourhood showcases world class architecture and an international feel that is beyond comparison. Some of the city’s tallest buildings and most beautiful skyscrapers are located in Canary Wharf, and it is home to some of the largest banks and professional services firms of Europe.

Canary Wharf offers an excellent combination of film, music, theatre, art and fashion throughout the year. The neighbourhood beautifully defines the spirit of London.

Attractions in Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is an ideal place for a great day out with lots of unique monuments to explore. One worth mentioning is Traffic Light Tree, a structure that comprises 75 traffic lights and has been created by Pierre Vivant. The tree portrays the impatience and keenness of Canary Wharf.

Another attractive monument is Centaur at Montgomery Square. Created by Igor Mitoraj, it shows the figure of a horse with a male torso.

For a bit of exercise, go skating, running or walking amongst trees in Canada Square Park.

If you are interested in the past of Docklands and the Thames River, visit the Museum of the London Docklands, a branch of the Museum of London.

Cafes and Restaurants in Canary Wharf

Whether you want to sit back and enjoy a relaxed brunch during the weekend or treat yourself to a glass of bubbles over the sounds of jazz, Canary Wharf has gathered some of the best cuisines and places with inspiration from all over the world

If you want to break from the monotony of routine life, Le Pain Quotidien is the place to come to. People come here, get together around a table and have fun. Pret A Manger and Carluccio’s   are more options.

You can check out Tom’s Kitchen Deli for an incredible range of food on the go. Try the soups, sandwiches, cakes and salads here. You can also go to Galvin at Windows, Hakkasan, Hibiscus and L’Etalier De Joel Robuchon.

Head to Obica Mozzarella Bar that offers an assortment of mozzarella. Try these with Italian delicacies like smoked salmon, pizza and pasta.

Plateau, Poncho 8, The Pearson Room and Amerigo Vespucci are some of the popular eateries.

Happy eating.

Where to shop

Jubilee Place is a shopping centre situated on the south side of Canary Wharf. The centre offers a collection of fashion stores and cafes. You can go buy apparels and accessories from Banana Republic, homewares from The White Company and explore multiple other high street brands. You will also find a Michael Kors store.

For seafood, treat yourself with a trip to Billingsgate Market. If you are fond of accessories, hit Canada Place.

At Cabot Square you will find the shopping centre Cabot Place. Here, you can find stores like Alfred Dunhill, Pandora, River Island, Jaeger Menwear, Church’s English Shoes and Tiffany & Co.

Need we say more? Canary Wharf isn’t just a business hub – there’s plenty of shopping and dining options to treat yourself with.

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Top 10 Exciting Holiday Contest Ideas for Your Real Estate

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During the holiday seasons the Top property dealers in Noida and in some other urban parts of the nation, the professionals make use of the exciting holiday contest ideas for flourishing their real estate business. You can carry out the holiday themed contests on your real estate Facebook page and engage even more customers and expand your business easily.

What are the advantages of running holiday contests?

If you are a property dealer in Noida or any part of the country, executing the holiday themed contests on your Facebook or any other social media pages can render the following benefits.

  • Increased awareness creation about your real estate business.
  • Heavy inflow of traffic to your page.
  • Your real estate listing can be viewed easily and can be referred to others as well.
  • More and more people can attend your open house events.
  • Customers will be enticed to call you and fix up meetings.

List of 10 exciting holiday based contest ideas for real estate

1. Sweepstakes

This is one of the simplest contests that you can execute on Facebook. All you need to do is create a form so that the clients can fill it with their e-mail ids and join the contest. Plan out for one major prize and several other small prizes for the winners.

2. Photo Contest

Carrying out a photo contest is a very good idea. Make sure that the entries are in consistent with the theme you put on and include specifications like file format, minimum and maximum size, resolution etc for the photo entries.

3. Polling contest

How about creating a voting contest? The participants will have the option of voting 2 to 3 choices or even more. Once the contest gets over you must check for the one option that gets the maximum number of votes and thereby choose the winner.

4. Essay competition

Creating an essay competition based on holiday themes can entice people to participate and know about your real estate business from the Facebook page.

5. Coupons

Distributing electronic coupons are best for the mobile users. It can attract more and more people towards your real estate page on the social media platform.

6. Group coupons

How about hosting a competition or a challenge for the contestants based on group coupons? Free gadgets, high discounts are major attractions.

7. Promoting business by friends

Why don’t you attract people to promote and advertise your business? Offer exciting prizes for those who can refer about your business to others.

8. Caption contest

This is a very fun and thrilling contest that can be hosted in Facebook. Post pictures related to your holiday and vacation and ask the contestants to write the captions. Such ideas can bring in the attention of more people.

9. Music caroling

Don’t you think putting up your holiday memories on audio with different tunes and music on the background can be an amazing holiday contest idea for your real estate page?

10. Video recording

Similar to the audio recording contest can be set up with video recordings as well.


Refer to free property dealer app and get more information on such innovative ideas.

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Online Casino Etiquette

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If you have ever visited a bricks and mortar, physical casino you will know that there are house rules and certain etiquette that you are expected to follow.  Although an online casino is very different to a physical one in many respects, it may surprise you to learn that there is etiquette to follow even in an online environment.

It Starts With You

Just because other people do not follow the rules of online etiquette, does not mean you shouldn’t.  Try to make yourself a good example for others to follow.  One of the problems with many online games, both games console style and gambling style games, is that a handful of people tend to shed a negative light on it for the good people.  Try to be one of the good ones.

Never Even Consider Cheating

The old saying that cheaters never prosper comes to mind.  While you should apply this in all areas of your life, you should especially follow that piece of advice when you participate in gambling and play online casino games.  Gambling is used by millions of people throughout the world as a way of unwinding, so try and be contentious and help them to get the unwinding time they need rather than making them feel worse by acting inappropriately and cheating.

Chat With Other Players With Appropriate Decorum

On many online casinos you are able to chat live with the dealer and other players.  You should always keep the tone of the conversation light and respectful.  While it is okay to crack some jokes and engage in some friendly banter; you should never make rude or crude comments about other players or even the dealer.  Treat everyone else the way you would like them to treat you – with the appropriate level of respect.  It is also worth keeping in mind that even if you can’;t see who you are playing against, it is possible that you will be playing with people of various backgrounds – in terms of race, gender, religion and even sexual orientation.  So keep any controversial thoughts or conversation topics to yourself in this situation.

Be A Good Sport, Not A Sore Loser

While this applies more to live games, it is something you should keep in mind when playing anything online.  Always accept defeat graciously and avoid being a bad sport or sore loser.  For example, if you are in a live poker room and have just lost a big hand, be sure to keep your temper.  Remember that live chat is there as a bonus from the online casino and if you abuse it by flooding it with inflammatory remarks and inappropriate language, you may put off regulars from using the service more and that will make things a little less interesting for all involved.

We are sure you will agree that the list is not exactly an exhaustive one and one that is full of principles you should be following in your day to day life anyway.  It is also worth noting that if you act aggressively, are rude or otherwise inappropriate and disruptive the only thing you may achieve is receiving a lifetime ban from using an online casino.

Keeping the above in mind, click here for online casino games.

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Interesting But Less Popular Places To Visit On A Trip To London

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If you are planning a trip to London in the near future, if it is your first time there will be places you will want to see.  Tower Bridge, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace will probably rank highly on your list of tourist attractions you want to visit.  However, if you have been to London before or don’t like following the crowds, below you will find some great alternatives to the more obvious attractions.

Take In A Panoramic View Of (Miniature) London

A great way to start any trip to London is by taking a look at a fully panoramic bird’s eye view of the city, with a nice twist.  At New London Architecture’s offices along from Goodge Street, you will find a 1:1500 scale model of the capital.  It covers everything from the Docks, Battersea and Kings Cross over to Paddington and as well as including all the more recognisable buildings and areas, it also features some of the major transport links and buildings that are proposed for the future.

Speedy’s Cafe, Camden

The name perhaps won’t mean anything immediately, until you figure out that Speedy’s Cafe is the same cafe that has been used as a location on BBC’s modern take on Sherlock Holmes starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.  To their credit, the owners haven’t turned it into a tourist trap, though you can buy a t-shirt and mug if you fancy it.  However, as well as being a famous location in a drama series, it does serve a terrific full English breakfast; so if you do decide to visit,do so on an empty stomach.

Forget Kew Gardens, Visit The Barbican

Kew Gardens is obviously a very popular place for lovers of all things floral.  However, there is no need to go all the way out there when you can take a wander and a gander through tropical gardens at a more central location.  The Barbican is a residential estate that was built in the 60’s and is home to the biggest conference centre in Europe, a labyrinthine, a museum and a school.  That is not all the Barbican has to offer though, because right slap bang in the middle is a conservatory that is the second biggest in the capital.  There you can see a plethora of exotic fish, birds and tropical plants.

The Skateboard Graveyard, Hungerford Bridge

Have you ever wondered where skateboards go when they die?  The answer to that query can be found at Hungerford Bridge, at the southern pier.  From 2009, the bridge has been used as a final resting place for cherished boards that have seen their best days.

Drink At The BFI’s Hidden Bar

If you are a lover of film and theatre, then the BFI is and should be high on your list of places to visit anyway.  However, there is an extra special reason for going if you like to uncover secrets.  When you are in the Benugo Bar, take a close look at the bookshelf and you may be able to find the secret door that leads through to a hidden bar.  The Drawing Room is a quaint little place that serves canapés and cocktails to those who venture through the secret doorway.

While we would never want to discourage you from visiting the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square or any of the other countless, famous sites the city has to offer; the above shows just what else there is if you dig a little deeper.  We hope if you taking a trip, with Guideline Coaches for instance, that you enjoy London.

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