3 Great London Based Luxury Tour Operators To Book Your Next Trip Abroad

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In this day and age, people opt to travel independently without having to go through travel operators. The major reason for this is due to the numerous websites encouraging travelers to choose this mode of travel and the perception that tour operators are pricey. The benefits of travelling with the help of a tour operator far outweigh the cost of the same. When travelling abroad, you might want to consider the excellent services of London-based tour operators such as:

CYPLON HOLIDAYS – http://www.cyplon.co.uk/

The best part of booking holidays with tour operators is the fact that tour operators have firsthand knowledge of the destinations that they offer services to and fro. After 40 years of experience in the holiday business, Cyplon Holidays have come of age and firmly established in this field. You can expect nothing else but impeccable services handled down from generation to generation since it was established in 1972.

From humble beginnings offering services exclusively to the island of Cyprus, this family oriented business succeeded and branched out to other destinations such as Greece, Dubai and Egypt. They also offer fantastic specialist holidays such as group and wedding.

Cyplon Holidays pocketed the Travel Bulletin Star Award for the Best Independent Operator to the Mediterranean 2012 and 2013, proving their reliability and experience in the travel world. With such respectable recognition, the operators seek to expand to even more exciting destinations such as Malta, Sicily, Sardinia and Tunisia.

EXETER INTERNATIONAL – http://exeterinternational.co.uk/

If you want to travel to Russia and Eastern Europe in a completely relaxed state and with total financial protection, look no further than Exeter International.  The operators are well versed with Russia and Eastern Europe destinations and offer great services in their determination to be the leader in this field.

The Exeter International goes into great lengths to match customer preferences with hotels, exclusive experiences and destinations for the ultimate holiday. Due to the expert knowledge of their destinations, they can arrange tailor made holidays to Moscow, St Petersburg, Uzbekistan, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Ukraine, Armenia and Baku.

There are exciting extraordinary experiences such as backstage access to Marrinsky and Borishoi Theaters, exclusive tours of the Hermitage depositary and insider access to the Grand Kremlin Place in Moscow.

GREAVES INDIA – http://greavesindia.co.uk/

India is vast and diverse; travelling to this gigantic sub-continent without enough expert knowledge can be a daunting task. Greaves India has been in the travel world for over 30 years, this has shaped them to perfection offering luxury travelers opportunities to travel explore this huge country completely at ease.

Greaves India offers expert help when traveling to India as well as tailor-made itineraries to the best destinations as and on the ground support. They also support sustainable tourism by working hard to conserve the environment and the treasures of India. The Managing Director of Greaves is a Founder and Member of Jaisalmer in Jeopardy, which is conservation for charity and he is also a committee member of Tour Operators for Tigers.

These Tour Operators not only provide brilliant services but also recognize the need for caring for the environment with all its treasures for the future.


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5 Must See Places On A Luxury Tour Of London

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The Buckingham Palace is one of the most popular royal buildings in the world and tops the list of most travelers to London. It has been the official residence of Britain monarchs since 1837, the beginning of Queen Victoria’s reign. One of its major attractions is the ceremony of Change of Guard, which is a daily occurrence during summer at 11:30 am and on alternate days in winter. The ceremony lasts for 45 minutes. In August and September, the nineteen state rooms and other sections open up to the public. During this time, visitors can see royal collections, which include incredible array of artwork as well as the most exquisite English and French furniture.

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St Paul’s Cathedral is among the iconic buildings that curve the London skyline giving it such a sophisticated appeal. An architectural masterpiece that draws tourists from every part of the world making it one of the most visited buildings in London. Among the many aspects that make it so compelling is the famous Whispering Gallery, known for its mysterious acoustics, as well as its burial crypt, which houses famous British luminaries including Nelson, Wellington and Sir Christopher Wren, designer of the Cathedral.


The Tower of London bleeds history, in fact, it was the venue of many executions over the centuries and a reflection of Britain’s most grisly past events. William the Conqueror commissioned the tower and it has a history of almost a thousand years. It is one of the most popular places to see in London and you can poke around the prisons, explore the cells or simply stare in wonder at the immense value of the crown of jewels.

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The Westminster Abbey is a must visit destination in London well known for the plethora of royal events that have been hosted here over the centuries, the most recent being the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. It boasts of remarkable architecture and famous burials, including Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth I and Henry III. It also has the Poets Corner and the Coronation Chair; surely, Westminster Abbey has a lot to offer than just a venue for royal events.


Often overlooked by travelers exploring London, the church of All Hallows By the Tower is overshadowed by the Tower of London, yet it has a history dating back to the Saxon times and is the oldest church in London. The church was originally built in 675 AD on top of earlier Roman buildings with some elements still visible to date.  It shares a great connection with the Tower of London as most inmates executed at the tower were brought here. The crypt below houses historic remains including Saxon coffins, stones from a crusader castle linked to Richard the Lionheart and the mosaic flooring of the 2nd century AD Roman villa. Though it may not be popular, All Hallows by the Tower is a historic treasure well worth a visit.

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Where To Visit In London On A Group Holiday

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From the iconic Tower of London to the modern architectural masterpiece of The Gherkin, this leading global city is sprawling with endless string of modern man-made marvels. But for all that is changing, London still has retained the classic elements of its medieval and renaissance history, making a history buff’s utopia. A perfect blend of modernity and old world charm,  the city of London is truly one of the most diverse and psychedelic destinations in the world

From visiting world-class museums to enjoying the beautiful panorama of London though Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel, there are an awful lot of things you can do in this destination, especially when you are traveling with your family or a group of friends. If you haven’t completed your list of places to visit in London, then worry no more, our friends at House Parties have listed five of the most interesting places to visit in London on a group holiday.

The Science Museum

No holiday trip to London is complete, without a tour to the halls of this mind-boggling museum. Deemed as the most visited science and technology museum in Europe, the Science Museum has a fascinating collection of exhibits on display, including the very famous Apollo 10 command capsule. But if you and your friends are not fond of looking at these displays, you certainly don’t want to miss to experience their stunning 3D and 4D Apollo space mission simulators, or watch a science film in their four double-decker IMAX cinema.

The London Eye

With a total height of 135 meters, Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel is truly the best ride you want to take, if you want to take an unrivalled view of London. Each ovoid passenger capsules can take up to 25 passengers that rotate every 30 minutes. By the way, in 2012, the London Eye’s capsules were equipped with cutting-edge Samsung Galaxy Tab devices, as interactive guides made for a more enhanced guest experience of the city panorama.

Royal Museum Greenwich

The Royal Museum Greenwich houses four of the most visited tourist magnets in all of London. Together with a group, you may take the DLR to the Island Gardens, and pace through the iconic 1,217-feet long Greenwich foot tunnel. Once you set foot in the beautiful World Heritage Site of Greenwich, the restored British ship named the Cutty Stark is the thing to see as well as the Greenwich Park and the Royal Observatory. With so many historic treasures on display, there’s always something new to be amazed at the Royal Museum Greenwich.

National Gallery

If your group is up for some grandiose Western European painting displays, then the National Gallery is the perfect avenue for you. There are over 2,000 paintings dating from the middle ages to 20th century displayed, including the inspiring work of art by Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and Vincent Van Gogh. Since the infatuating halls of the National Gallery are open to the public, anyone can relish the eminence of the displays for free.

Madame Tussauds

Touted as London’s favorite tourist attraction, the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum has lured and thrilled millions of visitors around the world, ever since its advent in 1835. This ingenious exhibit is filled with 14 enthralling interactive zones combined with the iconic and incredible pop history.

At Madame Tussauds, you get a face-to-face encounter with your favorite pop icons like The Beatles, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson as well as some sports superstars like David Beckham and Lewis Hamilton. Want more? Get ready to meet the fascinating and exclusive Marvel Super Heroes in 4D.


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Take An English Class On Your Trip To London

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Whether you are a fluent English speaker or someone who rarely speaks the language, taking an English class on your trip to London can be a very blissful and rewarding experience. With an English class in the city of London, not only will get a chance to hone your skills in English, but you also get to meet a lot of new people. Drawing thousands of international students every year, the city is truly one of the best and most popular destinations to perfect or improve your English language skills. After all, the city is home to some of the most notable poets and writers in the history of the English literature, such as William Shakespeare, Robert Graves, Alexander Pope, and Henry James. What’s more, the city is teeming with intriguing museums and spectacular man-made wonders.

Learn the language in a very fast and efficient way

Learning the language in its native country is, without a doubt, the best way to learn or master English. As you learn the language from a certified teacher in London, you get to learn insightful lessons from a native speaker who knows how to improve your communication skills in this language. Furthermore, the courses offered in this city have a very high standard, allowing you to gain mastery of the language in a very efficient manner.

With an English class in the city of London, you will be surrounded by native English speakers, allowing you to practice and sharpen your skills in real life situations. In London, you definitely will get to drastically improve your skills in English in a very short amount of time. Try ABC School if you are looking for good colleges.

Learning is fun in this city

In London, learning English is, by no means, a boring endeavor. As a student in an English learning course in this vibrant metropolis, you won’t have to listen to your instructor talk endlessly about verbs, grammar and diction. Instead, your lessons will involve interactive discussions, problem-solving and games. Additionally, you will be reading magazines, watching television, and listening to songs, to practice and improve your comprehension skills. Honestly, a day in an English learning institution is just like a fun day out with a group of friends.

Culture immersion

Learning this English in the city of London gives you a chance to meet new friends from all corners of the world as well as discover the intriguing history and culture of the United Kingdom. Furthermore, it gives a better grasp of the language, which gives you access to the greatest English cultural experiences, from the most renowned playwrights in the world to blockbuster Hollywood films. As a matter of fact, learning it in this buzzing metropolis may empower you to read old popular English classics like Beowulf, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet, Sense and Sensibility and the Canterbury Tales.

Increases job opportunities

Last, but not the least, learning this language in its homeland opens a plethora of employment and job opportunities. Since English is the most prevalent language in the world, learning it in the city of London can provide a huge boost your career. Today’s leading companies and businesses just prefer to hire people who have a good and solid background in this language.

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Hotel ibis Delhi Airport Launches ‘Pay What You Want’ Campaign

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Hotel ibis Delhi Airport recently launched a new campaign to welcome all guests to the hotel. The promotion, ‘Pay What You Want’, is a campaign that allows customers to book a room of their choice and choose to pay any amount of their choice for their first night, exclusive of taxes. The duration of this promotional campaign lasts until September 21st 2014. If you’re planning on traveling to New Delhi, now is the best time to snag this offer!

To participate in the ‘Pay What You Want’ promotion, don’t forget to register for your chance to book any room at any price of your choice. You can either register through their Facebook page or register through email on their website. After registration, you will be notified via an email and you will be able to choose any date between September 1st to 21st and book your desired room.

Hotel ibis is one of the international economy brands of Accor, the world’s leading hotel operator, active in 92 countries with more than 3,600 hotels. ibis has more than 1,000 hotels and 124,000 rooms in 59 countries.


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Love Living at Gotham West

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Ever since my husband and I relocated to Manhattan and moved into Gotham West many of my friends at work have commented on my good mood. And it’s true, I am feeling good pretty much every day because living here has changed our quality of life. I am not only talking about our great apartment or the amazing amenities. It’s living in Manhattan and being in an awesome location that really put a smile on my face.

I love Broadway shows. Being only 2 blocks away from Times Square has allowed us to see a new show every couple of weeks, which is just great! The Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables, Chicago, Macbeth, Of Mice and Men. I never thought my roster of Broadway shows would grow this fast. That would never have happened had we stayed in New Jersey.

londondaytrip.co.uk 1

I also love dining out. What’s the point of living in NYC if you don’t venture into your neighborhood restaurants? Hell’s Kitchen offers a wide variety of culinary experiences, from Thai and Mexican cuisine, to all American food and traditional diners. Stonekelley, the Ardesia Wine Bar and the Ember Room are three of my favorites.

Gotham West is also steps away from the Hudson River, which has allowed us to spend so much more time outdoors. Some of my friends love Central Park, but for me Hudson River Park is the best. There’s free kayaking and a bike path that goes on for miles. Plus, plenty of grassy areas to lay down, get some sun and relax.

Six month ago Manhattan was a daily commute, now it’s our back yard. How awesome is that!


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How To Plan The Ultimate Weekend Away In London

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Sometimes we need to get away from it all. Weekend trips are an excellent way to unwind and treat yourself for the hard work you put in so that you can pay the bills. There are some vibrant cities in the United Kingdom but many people never get to experience them. Weekends are perfect for exploring such places. You don’t want to waste your main holiday in a bustling city after all. Yes, that will be some people’s idea of heaven, but most prefer to head for sunny beaches on an extended holiday.

London is our capital, so it is only right that it plays host to many cultural and architectural attractions. There is much to see and do there, so to make the most of a weekend break, you must plan well.

Here are a few ideas to help you plan the ultimate weekend away in London.


Your first consideration must be the travel arrangements. There are good rail links from all over the country, so if you enjoy travelling by rail that might be the answer. If you are springing the trip on a loved one as a surprise, why not hire a chauffeur driven limosine from http://littles.co.uk to get you there in style? The door to door service will ensure that you arrive relaxed and stress free.


The internet makes the job of finding accommodation straightforward. All hotels and guesthouses have websites of their own or appear on booking agency websites. You can browse them at your leisure to find the perfect place within your price range.

Things To See

There are too many attractions to fit in one visit; here are a few suggestions.

  • The Houses Of Parliament. Parliament is an important building. It is where we planted the seeds of democracy, and it has influenced the politics of the world. The architecture is magnificent too.

  • The British Museum. This museum is one of the best in the world. It houses some of the greatest archeological discoveries from all over the world. Now that we live in enlightened times, many of the countries have started to ask for their property back. The Rosetta Stone gave us the code for translating Egyptian hieroglyphs, and the Elgin Marbles show the craftsmanship of the ancient Greeks. You can see the Staffordshire Hoard that contains incredible examples of workmanship in the dark ages.

  • The London Eye. You should book your ride in advance if you want to avoid the queues here. You get stunning views of the city on a trip that lasts about forty-five minutes.

  • The West End. You must take in a show on one evening. But which one will you choose? Phantom Of The Opera is my favourite, but there are many other long-running  shows to tempt you.

  • The National Portrait Gallery. If you enjoy art and history, there is no better place for you to visit. See the faces from our distant past captured forever in oils by the masters of their time. Of course, you will find modern portraits of celebrities there too. They will be ancient history one day.

Now you can appreciate the need to plan a weekend with military precision. You can’t take in all of the sights, but you can have an experience to remember. I hope you have a wonderful time.

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